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April, 25, 2020  

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Tokyo is such a beautiful place to me. It’s the first place I ever visited without my family, to just enjoy myself. Tokyo has so much significance to me due to this and it is such a fun place to explore. Every time I go, there is just never enough time to see everything! And we’re just talking about Tokyo, not the whole of Japan, which is another bucket list item that I need to get onto. 

The last time I went to Tokyo it was a short and sweet trip but this time, I got to explore so much more. I love the way the city combines with nature. And as I did the last time I was in Tokyo, I decided to stay within the outskirts of Tokyo, somewhere that had more of a ‘suburban’ vibe to it, where we could see more of the local scene as well as the large city of Tokyo. 

We stayed in a small prefecture called Horikiri 堀切, which we absolutely loved and would definitely stay again. We had some cute small adventures around this area, finding incredibly cheap food from market stalls with amazing people who wanted to practice their English, and showcase their amazing food. As well as small cafes and bakeries with the most delicious cakes. Every time we turned the corner there was something new! 

This was somewhere we also found to be incredibly safe! On the nights that my partner and I couldn’t sleep, we would end up wandering around playing Pokemon Go till 2 A.M. Whilst playing we were wondering why every time we took a ‘gym’ in the game, 4 other Pokemon would show up beside us. Then we saw someone with a bike, and so many phones attached, with Pokemon screens. We were lucky he was on the same team as us! But it made us laugh a lot because it reminded us of that Pokemon Go Meme a while back, with the man and his 15 Pokemon Go screens! 

On the days we went through the city (Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku and more), there was just so much to explore. We tried to plan our days to spend two days in each area, but honestly, we couldn’t cover nearly as much as we would like. 

秋葉原 - Akiba

Whilst in Akihabara we saw an exhibit on some horror characters drawn in anime style, with some figurines as well which was incredibly interesting! We, of course, explored every store that intrigued us. Including the SEGA arcade which is one of the first things, you see out of Akihabara, which was celebrating the game Persona 5 with a cute little cafe! We also spent time at one of the maid cafes (again) because it is definitely an experience. They always have good ice cream!

原宿・渋谷 - Harajuku & Shibuya

In Harajuku and Shibuya there was so much to explore. One of the many spots I wanted to go to was MAISON ABLE Cafe Ron Ron. A dessert buffet/conveyer belt, which was absolutely amazing! All their desserts are incredibly cute, and delicious. We were completely in awe.

And let's not forget Harajuku's well known photo booths, which my friend and I had to explore.

Whilst wandering around Harajuku we were stopped by the lovely Otono, who told us she was a hairstylist in need of some hair models for some hair colouring. Thinking why not, we went through with it. She was absolutely lovely and it was such a fun experience. My hair was just dying to get back to normal after dying it red, so Oto helped fix that for me. And the results were lushes.

新宿 - Shinjuku

Speaking of Lush! Whilst in Shinjuku, we went to the biggest Lush in Japan. The top story showcases a Lush spa, which we will have to enjoy next time. Each story of the building held its own department, skincare, bath, shower, etc. It was such a beautiful place to be, so well constructed, and organised. Definitely, something that was surprisingly amazing.


Teamlab Borderless was also on my main list of things to do and see this time around. I don’t even have words to describe the beauty of these projects that Teamlab puts together. I'll be putting together a whole other article on the beauty of this project. I know that the next time I'm here I'll have to see the other projects they have in store!


The Square Enix cafe was also in amazing treat that deserves it's own piece, on not only the beautiful food we experienced by the amazing pieces they were showcasing. I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and especially Dragon Quest, so it's definitely worth checking out!


And we all know that I have to do a whole article on how I, Tiffany, had breakfast at Tiffany's. Like genuinely had breakfast there. Funnily enough I've become incredibly attached to the brand that has my namesake! 

These are all amazing experiences in Tokyo that I just can't fit into one post! (And no, I haven't forgotten about DisneyLand, or DisneySea!)

We were also able to catch up with some old friends who took us to a few hidden bars where we got to meet people we never thought we would meet in a lifetime. It was an incredible experience, but maybe not exactly something to share for now.

I know that at the moment with what is happening in the world, everything is a little crazy, so I hope that this article serves as a nice way to pretend that we’re on this adventure through Tokyo, together.



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