Borderless with teamLab

A Virtual Experience

May, 2, 2020


The TeamLab exhibits have been something that I have wanted to go to since it first opened. Amongst their exhibitions, which combine art, technology and interactiveness are; Planets (TOKYO), SuperNature (MACAO - coming soon), Jewel Changi Airport (SINGAPORE), Future World (SINGAPORE), Digital Light Canvas (SINGAPORE), MoonFlower (TOKYO), Continuity (CALIFORNIA), Crystal Forest (SHENZHEN - coming soon), and of course Borderless (TOKYO) which has become one of their highly discussed, permanent exhibitions.

This exhibition is definitely, something worth seeing with your own eyes, featuring sections such as Borderless World, Athletics Forest, Future Park, Forest of Lamps, and tea section En Tea House.

As this exhibition kept popping up all over social media, I became further intrigued! An entire exhibit where you can walk through the art and interact, sounded amazing. The images that also came out of this exhibition were extraordinary and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. We were unsure of how long we would be at this exhibit but we decided to make it a whole day, just in case. Considering how large the exhibition actually is (which we didn’t realise until entering) we definitely ended up spending the entire day there. There were so many people, so of course we had to line up for certain areas but we did  experience the entire exhibition, and waiting in line is worth it. When you walk into the Forest of Lamps for the first time, and touch a lamp it changes colour and it all seems like an ethereal, almost magical experience. 

I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to travel to see such an incredible immersive piece of art, so my aim here is to make this post as immersive as I possibly can, as if you just experienced the magic that is a TeamLab exhibition. It is hard to put the entire exhibition into words, so of course, there are an abundance of images which will hopefully make you feel as if you’ve just had an incredible virtual experience.



Forest of Flowers and People: Lost, Immersed and Reborn

When we first walking into the exhibit we were greeted by these beautiful blooming flowers. Opening up the exhibit to something so beautiful was amazing, as well as welcoming. According to teamLab “the artwork is not a pre-recorded image that is played back: it is created by a computer program that continuously renders the work in real time.” This allowed for us to be able to interact with the exhibit as it continuously change around us. It’s a work of art that can never be replicated and it will never reoccur. What happens in this moment can never be seen in person, again.


Memory of Topography

We were told that this installation changes with the different weather around the area that the exhibit is being displayed in. Showing insects, flowers and ‘the flow of time’ within the plates at different heights, depicting landscapes and their varying elevations. As we walked through this exhibit it continuously changed, as if the images were following us or being moved by our own movements. Similar to walk past flowers and seeing the way the wind moves them.

Black Waves - Continuous

When walking into this room and experiencing the Black Waves, we were reminded of the famous Japanese painting, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This was a really cool room to just stand in and be a part of. 


Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders in the Crystal World


The Way of the Sea in the Crystal World

This is one of the most popular exhibition pieces I have seen photographed, and it is beautiful. All of these wired pieces drop down with LED lights that are consistently changing. With the teamLab app, you can change the area around you to represent fire, the stars, water, and more. There is a panel towards the end of this exhibition where you can do that as well! Walking through this and watching as the lights change was pretty cool, and it honestly felt like a sea of crystals. 



The Athletics forest showcases so much fun and immersion in a three-dimensional, interactive space. With the challenges of the terrains, using spatial recognition it’s a fun little exercise try to find your way through all the different areas in this athletics forest. From Graffiti Nature to Multi Jumping Universe, to the Weightless Forest of Resonating Light. This is the most interactive section of the exhibition, which creates a whole heap of fun for kids and adults alike.

Graffiti Nature - High Mountains and Deep Valleys, Red List

Weightless Forest of Resonating Life


Weightless Forest of Resonating Life

The Weightless Forest of Resonating Life was something that I found to be a lot of fun with all these colourful “balloons”. Watching everyone bounce in and out, between these huge weightless balloons was really funny. Some of these would reach the roof or be tethered to the roof rather than the ground! It’s definitely an interactive piece that kids love. And of course when the objects are pushed by visitors, the colour changes later making all other “balloons” nearby change as well!



Future Park is a fun area where people are supposed to be able to learn as well as play. With fun activities for kids and adults to figure out, it becomes a really fun (yet strange puzzle!) The Future Park also included the ability to sketch/draw pieces and have them appear live within this area of the exhibition. Whilst other walls had musical abilities that shifted as you interacted with it.


A Table where Little People Live

This was a fun little table that took us forever to try and figure out. The wooden piece acts almost as if it's a magnifying the pieces. As objects are dropped onto the table, the pressure around it changes and so do the movements.



呼応するランプの森 - ワンストローク

Forest of Resonating Lamps - One Stroke, Fire

This, was the exhibition piece I was waiting for. 

Although a popular exhibition piece, I hadn't seen as much of this as I had of a couple of other artworks here. When I realised that there was this gorgeous forest of lamps, I knew I just had to be in there and have a moment to just feel like Rapunzel in Tangled, with those beautiful floating lanterns. The line for this interactive work of art was incredibly long, and it was very tempting to leave but in the end, it was completely worth it. When you walk into this area of beautiful mystical lights, the walls and floors are mirrors, amplifying this amazement of lights. When you stand in the middle of it all, you can't help but be in absolute awe. The moment a lamp has been touched, it changes colours, slowly making it to the end of the room, personifying your aurora in colour. Absolutely, magnificent.

This whole experience was absolutely mesmerising. Something that I feel needs to be shared with you all. I adored being able to go on this journey, and I hope you enjoyed sharing this experience with me.

If you do ever get the chance to go somewhere that has a TeamLab exhibit, such as Tokyo, I highly recommend taking the time out to explore the exhibit. I didn’t even realise how popular TeamLab has recently become and how many exhibits they have, which are expanding across the world! Let me know which one I should see next!

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