Sakura Blossoms

We have all been in what is essentially a worldwide lockdown for almost a whole year. Which is kind of crazy to think about! Although here in Australia a lot of our restrictions have eased, we are still unable to leave the country, the same as many other places that have the same restriction. Obviously this is in place for everyone’s health and safety! But of course all of us who had plans to travel are definitely missing that. Luckily for those in Western Australia, we got to taste a little bit of Japan, with orchards such as S & R Orchard, opening up for people to experience the Cherry Blossoms/Sakura trees they have. 

S & R Orchard usually holds a Sakura festival to celebrate these Cherry Blossoms, which makes it all a whole of a lot more fun. Not only do they have amazing props to take photos with, that all match this Sakura theme. But they set up a whole heap of food and a couple of kid friendly rides for fun! They have bridges and gates inspired by Japan which were my absolute favourite to take photos with. 

This actually happens every year! Which is something so many people miss out! I missed out on this last year, but I was actually in Japan so I think I’m okay with my decision.

I would definitely recommend coming to experience this early on, and on a weekday if at all possible! If you are going on the weekend, then come in early so there aren’t as many people around, because of course you’re going to want to take a photo here, like everyone does! It’s just so beautiful.

In December S & R Orchard is also doing a Christmas fruit picking festival! Which I am really looking forward to!

Where would you love to travel to when borders open and everything is safe again?

I can't wait to travel again, but for now I'm exploring what I can right here in Perth🌸

Photos taken on iPhone 10s

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