October, 16, 2018

Each bathroom comes with these lovely Malin + Goetz products, which are absolutely heavenly.

Check out that golden shower head. There was two in our bathroom!

The bathrooms at QT are a really high selling point for me, I’m going to be completely real here, for me, a hotel is only as good as its bathroom (you want to be relaxed in this kind of setting whether on a staycation or a vacation). This bathroom really takes the cake, and the lighting that comes through the bathroom, magnificent, all about that lighting. Another key note is the robes at QT. Ever wanted to feel like your childhood teddy bear or stuffed toy is hugging you back, feeling ultimately comforted in fluffiness, and softness, that’s what these robes feel like. You can also purchase them to take home.


When dining at QT there are a range of different options, and you won’t be disappointed.

Now, the roof top terrace, that has a view. Seeing Perth’s skyscrapers (I guess we can call them that) all towering higher than this hotel, reaching the skies, it was definitely and epic view. I felt like I was floating while taking images up there! The terrace is decked out in cute furniture and plants galore. When it’s a beautiful day, you really do appreciate being up here in the sunlight.

I was lucky enough to be able to come up here and photograph (as well as be photographed) on such a lovely day with no one else around to disturb us. The terrace is usually a galore of people which can be a little bit crazy, but you do get entranced in the buzz a little bit. Though, being on our own here was quite relaxing, it was an opportunity like no other.

Thanks QT.

Shot on Nikon D3200.

Photographed by Tiffany Kennedy.

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