Opening the Perth Fashion Festival

September, 14, 2017

Another year of fashion kicks off in Perth (as well as all around the world as it’s NYFW and what not, but let’s focus on Perth for now, because this might have been one of the best years for runway here, yet)

Let’s talk opening night. In Perth this year, that meant a large ring of light above the runway exploding into the colour of red with videos and music to accompany the lighting afterwards before the models entered the stage. 

We started with Albus Lumen’s all white display (feat. that lovely black dress), before moving onto Alice McCall which transitioned white into spring florals and patterns. Empire Rose continued the flow by amping up the colour to create a pop in the midst of the show feat. sparkle (of course). Christopher Esber showed us a mixture of minimalism and flare in the cut work of his designs, showing beautiful folds. Bec + Bridge brought back the white, added patterns and then showed us a range of colour (and added a swimsuit in the middle), as well as some silky pieces that created quite a collection. Monster Alphabets followed the black that Bec + Bridge provided in order to show feathered headwear, sheer gowns, beautiful folds, and textures all in my favourite colour to wear, black. That was a real winner for me. 

And the night ended with everything going pitch black before lighting up amazingly, saying love is love and turning that ring of light into rainbow colours, showing Perth’s pride for the night. The models all appeared on the runway once again with confetti in the air, and the final two female models holding hands as their exited the stage. 

It was amazing to see this kind of declaration amidst all the gay marriage debate and the postal vote (please remember to vote! And also remember not to put glitter in your envelope). We opened with a bang and I’m sure the following nights will be just as good.

Photography by Tiffany Kennedy

Shot on Nikon D3200

at The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2017

Designers: Albus Lumen, Alice McCall, Empire Rose, Christopher Esber, Bec + Bridge, and Monster Alphabets

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