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Moving Interstate

May, 9, 2020

When my partner and I decided to uproot our lives in Perth to move to Melbourne, it was pretty sudden, and we got a lot of questions. In December of 2019, we had talked about possibly moving to Sydney. This was a conversation that started a month or two beforehand, but at this time we started to take it more seriously. All of a sudden, a friend posted on Facebook about a spot opening up where she worked in Melbourne. For a job, I was qualified for and really wanted. Suddenly everything shifted and we were looking at places in Melbourne. In the end, I didn’t get the job, but because it was near Christmas and so much was happening, we didn’t know when they would respond after the initial interview, so we wanted to be prepared.

We found a beautiful building that we wanted to live in, which was and still is way above our price range but we made it work, we knew we could and we wanted to really stay in Melbourne and not travel as much this year (not that that has been an option in 2020 so far). We looked at a variety of other places just in case, but it was incredibly difficult to even get a look at a single place because we lived in a different state, when most of these realtors require for someone to come to the apartment and confirm that the apartment is exactly as stated. After practically begging, we got the opportunity to look at this apartment via face time, which has now become a norm for looking at apartments in the current world we’re living in, with a pandemic that has changed everything. We were told that we got the apartment, and so we looked at other jobs just in case the original one I wanted, fell through (which it did). I ended up finding another job, and my partner was able to transfer to a job close to our apartment. So we just went with it, and that was that.

Of course, we got a lot of questions about moving interstate, especially because we didn’t exactly have savings to fall back on, but more on that later. It was all a bit of a leap for us and we just went with it. Like a strange fantasy. Though everything quickly changed due to the recent pandemic, COVID-19. I lost my job, and that meant we had to work everything out and change how everything was working for us. So far we seem to be good for the rest of the year but will be moving into a much less expensive neighbourhood. 

Here I’m sharing my experience with moving interstate because we just leapt, and how we were able to do that. As well as how we are now surviving due to being in isolation in a completely different state without any friends or family. We are lucky that we have each other, and we know that isolating back home would be incredibly different, but we are incredibly thankful for the home that we chose. I want to document the beauty of this place before leaving, and I want to share my answers to all the questions that I’ve frequently been asked. 

Questions on Moving Interstate

What was involved in the planning process?

When we figured out we were going to move, we found an apartment, and then secured jobs for when we arrived. I was working full time before we moved, and my partner was working part time. We both knew we were going to move at some point, so we were saving as much as possible, and we were saving generally after we got back from our Japan trip, just in case of something. When I found that there might be a job I could take up in January and my partner confirmed his transfer here, we saved everything we made. It was enough for a bond and the first month of rent. We used whatever other money we had to pay for a truck to move our stuff interstate, and had a going away party where our lovely friends and family gifted us some money to help us out. I afterpay-ed my flights and the basic furniture we needed, as well as latitude-pay-ed a fridge so we had our necessities and could pay them off easily. The packing and moving was the most difficult part as it was near Christmas, so a lot was going on and we ended up delaying the booking of a moving truck. We also sold our cars we had in Perth, which helped massively.

Is this the first time you've moved out of home?

Yes. Previously I had been in and out of home with someone else, half way between my family home and and apartment that has my name on the lease, because they needed a home. This is the first time I've been completely out of home! Which ended up being the other side of the country!

Is it expensive? Was it easy to find a home? Was it easy to find work?

It is very expensive! Moving here was a huge expense in itself, and this apartment is definitely more than most people would pay in rent. This was the second place we found that we really wanted. The first place was still listed when it had already been taken, and we saw this and fell in love. And with the salary I was going to get from my confirmed job, we figured we might as well. It was easy finding this place, it was more difficult getting it due to the fact that we lived in another state. But we were persistent. As I am a qualified photographer, and Melbourne is an art hub, it wasn't too difficult finding a job, everything seemed to come together at the time!

(Excuse the smudges on the mirror)

Why did you move?

We moved for better job opportunities for both of us.

How much did it cost?

It cost a lot. Including bond and our first months rent, as well as actual moving costs (flights, moving truck etc), it easily cost at least 10 grand. My main piece of advices, so that it won't cost you so much, is to plan ahead. We had a tight schedule and a lot going on at the time, plus it was the holiday season, so we ended up paying a lot of extra costs which could've been avoided if we waited or prepared earlier. (Though it kind of just happened).

What was the most challenging part about the move?

Firstly, being able to move everything across to another state, whilst working full-time, during Christmas. Secondly, having to leave our family and friends a lot more suddenly that we thought we would.

Favourite suburbs?

We haven't been able to see a lot because of quarantine during the pandemic but we love where we live, Richmond, and we've explored a variety of other places because we will be moving again (hopefully for the last time, for a while). South Yarra, and Chadstone are both really lovely areas as well.

What do you miss most about Perth?

I miss how calm it is, and how easy it is in Perth. How meeting new people is easy because we all know someone who knows someone (which is a blessing and a curse). And I miss friends and family.

Is it more or less expensive than Perth?

Apartments are generally more expensive than Perth. But I've found that apartments that our out in the suburbs are roughly the same price point as Perth, it's the ones in the city that are far more expensive, especially around where we live. Food is roughly the same price, but Melbourne has more variety so we are able to find cheaper options for things!

Thank you to everyone who sent through questions on Instagram. I know that there were a lot of them! And a lot of questions that people were sending beforehand as well. 
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Living in Quarantine

COVID-19 changed everything for us. As we moved here away from everyone to new jobs, I lost mine. My partner is still maintaining things but I’m still trying to find a full-time job, but at the same time, I’m trying to make a full-time job. I’ve been blogging for a long time, on and off. And all of my jobs have happened due to all of this. So during this time as no one is higher due to the pandemic, especially in my field of work as a photographer, I’ve taken it upon myself to push my limits and work on this, as essentially, a full-time job. I am lucky enough that I am in a position where I have a home and I can actually do that when so many people cannot. I thank you guys for reading and for continuing to support me, it really does mean a lot.

We are so lucky that this is the home we ended up being isolated in. It’s such a beautiful home with large windows the bring in rays of sunlight, and more space than we really need. It’s been a very comfortable place to stay and has allowed me to work on a variety of projects due to the way this space looks (in order to gain some sort of income, for survival and all that). The rooftop here has a small garden and allows us to gain some fresh air amongst everything. As difficult as this has been, we are still so very lucky. I know so many people are in the same position or similar positions, and some people are in far worse positions. There was a fair while there where we didn’t know if we could continue living here, or how we would continue to pay for food. There was a long while of waiting, and a lot of budgeting and rearranging, but luckily we got there. My partner is also lucky enough that his work is giving him more shifts, especially because he is good at his job. I know so many people that lost their jobs as I have. And having lost my job after moving to another state and not knowing what happens next is frightening. So be kind to one another, and we’ll get through this. Because that’s all we can do.

Photographed on a Nikon D3200
and an iPhone Xs

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