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July, 2, 2018

When Livinglewd came to Madman’s Anime Festival in Perth, there was definitely buzz around the convention. Almost every single person was wearing a Livinglewd shirt on Sunday afternoon, and everyone else was hoping to purchase one at the next con (they have yet to return to Perth). My friends and I all have matching Livinglewd shirts (only one of us doesn’t have one, and she is surely pissed that she hasn’t got one), and it seems to be a sort of trademark in a way. 

It’s quite funny what an uproar this brand has brought here. No matter then convention or event I’m constantly asked about it, I feel like I’m a paid sponsor every time I say something about it because it tends to be along the same lines, but nonetheless I kind of love the brand anyway. Adds a strange bit of edge to a perfect casual outfit, a real statement.

I’ve never been photographed more, than when I’ve been wearing a Livinglewd shirt. I am pleasantly surprised at how often people would stop me to take a photo of this shirt, whether that’s in the city on a casual day out or at an event or at a club for a fun night. If I wear a Livinglewd shirt, someone’s going to take a photo. I didn’t think the subject of the shirt was so popular here, considering what the subject is when you think about a brand entitled “Livinglewd”. Even taking photos for this article, people would stop, gawk or talk to us about what we were wearing and what we were doing. 

Due to all this loving, we took to the street with a few different outfits featuring the lewd graphic shirts. These are outfits I have worn outside of the photo shoot “scene”, minus the wigs (most of the time). It was certainly a fun time to get out there and experiment with the looks, and to see all the stares people gave us, or what they would ask us about, which was honestly quite funny.

Also in case you were wondering, when you are out and about doing photoshoots, it is not always glamorous, especially when you can’t find a bathroom to change into, you have to improvise. But of course we were able to continue on like the true heroes we are (insert sarcastic laugh), and everything turned out pretty great, even if I do say so myself. Honestly, the whole shoot was a lot more fun than anticipated, perhaps it was because I got to play around a little bit more than usual, or maybe it’s because I didn’t have to use a tripod to take photos of myself. Shout out to Neil Tiongson for always being up for a good photoshoot outing, I really need to make that dude my official photographer, damn he’s good at his job (and I’m a photographer for a living). .

Back to the topic at hand, if you think these shirts are as dope as we think they are, I’ve left some links to Livinglewd so you can go check them out. I mean you don’t have to, but hey, I think these photos are at least a little persuasive, and not even that the shirts themselves, how can you not. No joke, the black Livinglewd shirt was a gift I got for my birthday, so you know, I’m loving it. 


Shot by Neil Tiongson

Brand: Livinglewd

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