Interiors // Melbourne

February, 2, 2019

It’s been five years (maybe six) since the last time I went to Melbourne, and obviously Melbourne stuck with me. I was quite a bit younger there and obviously everything seemed like so much more, than where I grew up. The buildings were different, the interiors well designed, and the shopping was like a whole new world back then. 

Obviously coming to Melbourne after so long, these ideas still stuck in my mind and I wanted to go and explore all the little pieces that were out there. I realised that I ended up with a collection of interior photographs that I absolutely loved. I genuinely feel that if the interior of a store or display room or gallery isn’t well designed it can put you off the entire experience. 

Maybe that’s just me.

Fendi // Melbourne, Collin’s Lane

Aesop // Melbourne, Chadstone + QV

I couldn’t help but take little photos of the Aesop stores! Each one is so unique, and I adore the designs of each store.

Hermes // Melbourne, Collin’s Lane

Tiffany’s // Melbourne, Emporium

Chloe // Melbourne

Valentino // Melbourne, Chadstone

Givenchy // Melbourne, Chadstone

Cafe Blush // Melbourne, Emporium

Off-White // Melbourne, QV

Taken on the iPhone Xs

by Tiffany Kennedy

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