Enter Chanel

January, 20, 2019

Home to the designs of Karl Lagerfeld’s direction for the Chanel name and the history of Coco Chanel itself we were greeted kindly by the staff. And I know this is basically like a recount that you write in primary school about what you did on your holidays, but I felt like it would be the perfect place to start.

Buildings like this draw you in, you can’t help it. One of my friends once said that “we should go to Chanel every Sunday because it’s our holy building.” I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.

Chanel; Cruise 2018/19.

The Chanel chapel doors opened for us and we went inside looking, and exploring. The staff members were attentive of course, saying we could try anything on and to let them know if we needed help. And unlike other stores down Collin’s lane (Melbourne), they let us wander and explore and just enjoy ourselves. The building is a few stories high with the first and second floor available for customers. We ventured up onto the second floor which held all the ready-to-wear pieces, from clothing to shoes to accessories, and I think I can genuinely say that we spent at least an hour up there. The interiors of this building was beautiful. 

As we moved further along there was a beautiful blue jacket from the cruise collection, which I couldn’t help but be in awe of. This was beside the entry way to the first fitting room. Each fitting room had a couch, a Chanel dressing gown and a screen showcasing the most recent runway show. Moving away from this area there was of course seats near the staircase that lead up, and besides these seats were more ready-to-wear pieces.

One of the straw hats from the recent collection had been placed on a mannequin head and of course, I just had to try it on. I desperately wanted a hat like that of my own.

We moved further along to the main area where there was a large table with couches either side and ready-to-wear pieces surrounding the main area. There was another fitting room in this area (much bigger than the last) and there were a variety of windows you could look out of to see everyone walking down the streets. I also had to try on the beret from the cruise collection. I wish I could spend $1000AUD on a beret, it was just magnificent. (Yes I fell to the capitalist scheme).

I know it’s strange for me to recount an entire building and its interiors but the interiors of this building were just so lovely, it felt like we were in someone’s apartment. It felt magical, and reignited my passion to write about fashion and design. So hopefully you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

Oh Chanel.

Taken on iPhone Xs.

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