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Kennedy has done a large variety of social media work. With a degree in Internet Communications, she has the knowledge of digital marketing, online audiences and creating for the social media sphere. 

Through her own personal media presence she has worked with a large range of brands such as The Courthouse Collection, Yala Jewellery, Skinny Me Tea, For Butts Sake, Antipodes, Samantha Sona, Velvety, QT Hotels, Livinglewd, Sensations Gallery, Claremont Quarter and much more. This range of content creation crosses over with her commission based photography, of products and lifestyle content.

QT Hotels. Created for online blog posts & social media.

Skinny Me Tea. Created for social media, image & video.

The Volte. Created for their social media & blog posts.

Claremont Quarter. Created for social media.

Kennedy has also worked for various brands, magazines, and studios working on their social media content. Marketing in the digital space, utilising Instagram, Blogging Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and much more, she connects with others in the online space furthering the message of the brand she is working with. This includes Enhance Photography Studios, Colosoul Magazine, and Lepak Media. Furthering this she has created content previously for The Social Pages, Romona Magazine, Whim Magazine, and Cocktail Revolution as part of the digital agenda.

Kennedy worked at Enhance Photography Studios as a photographer and as the co-head of production. Here, Kennedy created content for the studio and worked within the print production format, but also worked within Digital Marketing. Creating articles and content for blog posts, editing the website, scheduling social media, working on social media strategies, using insights to target their specific audiences, thinking outside the box with social campaigns, creation of adverts, use of MailChimp and much more. This was all done in order to educate more people on the Enhance Studios brand, and to gain more cliental who’s ideas aligned with Enhance Studios’ ideology.

Social media work can be found on Enhance Studios' Instagram, Facebook and Website.


Enhance Photography Studios. Article/Blog Post.

Enhance Photography Studios. Article/Blog Post.

The Social Pages

Kennedy's work at The Social Pages, ranged from photographing, to small blog articles, to content creation for social media. The aim of The Social Pages is to document the social events in Perth, Australia, which Kennedy did in her internship there.

Various Posts/Articles:




More work can be found at The Social Pages Instagram, under @socialpages_perth 

Kennedy worked for Lepak Media and Colosoul Group Inc. as the Head of Photography, and Co-Head of Videography, taking charge of the entire collective. Alongside this, one of her main responsibilities was the digital marketing of this brand, in order to get their creativity across, gain more more cliental, and market their message. This not only included the creation of content across all social media, but the messages delivered in each post, the timing, the social media strategies for different campaigns under Lepak Media, strategies for event posting, ad campaigns, ad management, website management, website branding and working to develop insights of their audience in order to further their brand.

Kennedy would also occasionally do similar work for the Colosoul Group Inc. website, and their events branding as it worked alongside the content creation that Lepak Media produced.

Social media work can be found on Lepak Medias' Instagram, and Facebook.


Colosoul Magazine | Lepak Media

As Lepak Media is under the Colosoul Group Inc. I have had the opportunity to do branding, writing, content creation and content marketing for the main entity of this group, as previously stated. 

To the left is an example of a style blog post created for this group. 

Readable here.

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