Delphic Oracle

September, 28, 2017

noun; 1.”the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, noted for giving ambiguous answers.”

noun; 2.”the oracle of Apollo at Delphi that gave answers held by the ancient Greeks to be of great authority but also noted for their ambiguity related word Pythian”

33 poets 

at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

When you used to be considered an emo/goth/scene kid of sorts and find your way into high fashion as a young adult, you tend to see that you’re still drawn to similar elements. As someone who spent the entirety of fashion week in all black and platformed boots that make me an entire head taller than I actually am, I was definitely embracing my pre-teen likes on the night that 33 poets’ designs braced the runway.

33 poets showed the beauty of grunge within high-fashion and almost made me cry for joy. Trust me I kept trying to take photos with my camera and film with my phone to capture everything, everywhere, all at once. I could already see the pieces in my wardrobe as soon as they hit the runway. The dark beauty, mixed with various coloured pieces and the occasional white offset, all held a mystical rocker quality to them (while feeling very punk, with the slight commentary on today’s society), which I completely adored.

Who knew I could fall for a designer so effortlessly?

(My teen self would awe in amazement.)

Photography by Tiffany Kennedy

Shot on Nikon D3200

at The Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2017

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