September, 14, 2018

With the International Runway being showcased on the second night of Fashion Week, I didn’t think I would find a fourth show, something worth focusing on. Featuring two Designers, an Indonesian designer which pulled at my heart and a personal favourite that completes fashion week each year. I was shocked at how I didn’t realise that I would fall for this show, which seems almost as if it was meant for me.

As the crowd, dawned with Chanel bags and Gucci accessories, sat in their sits, there was awe around the stage which bloomed with beautiful floral decor. As the music started to play and the lights slowly lit the stage, Malik Moestaram’s designs glided down the glossy black runway. A floral mirage of femininity and delicate beauty graced the stage in a collection that almost made me want to cry, as someone’s who’s half Indonesian, seeing an Indonesian designer being showcased, here in Australia. This Indonesian designer showcased a beautiful collection internationally that made the audience awe and murmur over what pieces they liked best.

Once the final piece by Moestaram, flittered away, the lights went dim yet again, before the music changed to something more punk to symbolise a complete change of pace. 

One of my favourite designers to see down the runway, a designer who’s items I would love to just live in, Rebecca Paterson of 33 Poets, brought “Bloom” to a different place. Incorporating feminine flowers into a more punk aesthetic, created a beautiful collection.

 With the loving white and red throughout the collection, and mixtures of black amongst a variety of textures, 33 Poets has done it again, and I have fallen in love with their entire collection, just like I did last year when I was completely in awe of Paterson’s showcase. She’s done it again, and I cannot wait for next year.

The lights dim once more before both collections walk out with their respective designers to finish off the beautiful International Runway, of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, 2018.

Shot on Nikon D3200

By Tiffany Kennedy.

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