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Within the anonymity of the internet which causes issues, entanglements and frustration, come a small shine of light which is a presentation of the beauty that can still be shared with others. This photo shoot; Lumiere.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about a bit of copyright, and what it means to put something out on the internet. We all share things about ourselves, and situations in our life, whether it’s a tweet or a snap. Within the industry that serves photography and fashion, this is all very relevant. The fashion style of today is very different from the 90’s or the 80’s and so on, and there are some mistakes that have come with that. With media, we are able to preserve these mistakes, as well as the best parts. Within the 90’s I’m sure that everyone thought they were looking pretty cool and that the style of that time was far from silly or misguided. Today, however, some of the looks from the 90’s were definitely misses, which will forever be stored within the mystery of the internet. The same goes for personal accounts, being a photographer or even being the subject of an article, such as being a model. When something is shared, it seems like that item doesn’t really belong to you anymore, anyone can save it and use it for something else, even though it’s not right, and breaches copyright, depending on its use. It’s quite interesting how things change based on context, and so many things are just wavered away; when it comes to the internet, an anonymous home. I felt like I had to lead with that.

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DSC_0186 copy1Bella Scaturro kindly modelled for my images for this article. From figuring skating to faces filled with makeup in terms of dance, to modelling, it’s a fair bit of a range and takes a lot of persistence as well as stamina. The sixteen-year-old kindly chatted away about the recent music festival Good Life and was prepared for whatever we decided to do (which seemed to include climbing lots of stairs in order to get good images). These words and these images become part of her digital presence, as much as they become a part of mine. Bella is the kind of model who’s very natural in the way she moves, very relaxed, rather than tense and rigid. Even though she states that she’s a bit too short to be a runway model (Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss and Melissa Juratowitch, made it anyway) she has a brilliant camera presence. It’s a tough industry to get into and be a part of, and it’s interesting how social media plays a big part of that.


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I suppose social media’s presence in this industry is something that I have thought about, but not too much extent. While we walked down the streets of Fremantle, finding the perfect place to photograph, something that matched an idea I had already conjured in my mind, I wasn’t really thinking about the presence of social media, however we all got our phones out by the end of the shoot to take some behind the scenes photos to post on social media, and I suppose creating these images and posting them here is all a part of that.

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When we spotted a bricked wall that had been painted a near shade of blanc we climbed up the stairs that were attached. Trying to find the perfect positions to create the near perfect images (while not looking down), Bella had already burnt her butt on the steel steps that had been influenced by the heat, and we fought the constant sunlight that harshly threatened our eyes. Finding our way up and town the stairs, multiple times, it was a workout in itself, but sometimes things just come together, and when they do, it feels like something amazing has occurred. It just feels right. And that’s something that happened. Despite whatever social media will comment or the use of images throughout the internet, this particular photo shoot, featuring the eager Bella Scaturro will always be one of those photo shoots, that just seems right.

And definitely, won’t be referred to like some of the old messy stylings of the 90’s.


Special Thanks to Neil Tiongson

Model: Bella Scaturro 

Photographed, Styled, Edited by Tiffany Kennedy.

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Look One: White Dress Shirt by Unknown, White Skirt by Scanlan Theodore, Coat by Veronika Maine

Look Two: Grey Knit Dress by Veronika Maine, Striped Wide Legged Pants by Veronika Maine

Shot on a Nikon D3200 + 35 - 70mm lens.

The Last of Autumn

So autumn is sadly coming to an end, and winter is soon beginning. So I thought I would take a chance to reflect on what has been. With autumn came my school ball, early March, where I wore Scanlan Theodore, something that would impress. Soon after a spectacular night of a lot of dancing cam my birthday, held at the end of March. There isn't anything special about turning 17, it's not like turning 16 or 18, but luckily it's that year in between where it doesn't really matter. So I spent the night swimming and playing games in the pool, then eating ice cream and chocolate from a fountain. It was brilliant. Just around the corner was April, I started a new job, Oz Comic Con had come and gone, and other than trying my best to keep up with whatever school throws at me, I spent that month in bliss. As quick as April went, May came, and with it was Mother's Day, where I spent my savings on urban decay make up, along with bits and bobs from lush and a lovely card from Kikki K. All of which my mum was pleased with. Soon enough in May I created this blog from humble beginnings, and just hoped that other people would share my interest.So autumn has come and gone, and with it a variety of memories. As autumn leaves we get to head into winter where we can wear more coats and layer things up in a fantastical way which didn't entirely work for autumn. We say goodbye to skirts with long sleeves and say hello to warm jeans and coats. Whether we break out of the usually winter fashion mould, or keep with what bad already been done, you guys will be the first to know as we continue on this journey. So let's just enjoy these very few moments left of autumn, before the absolute cold comes and takes us. I look forward to the new season and what it has to bring. So here I've left a few photos from a lovely autumn day, spent out in the Perth city. Featuring a Cue in the City top, Scanlan Theodore skirt and a Stella poncho, it was the perfect outfit in order to symbolise autumn and what had come with it. I hope you all enjoyed this season and are ready to move onto a new one. We're just waiting for the temperature to drop!