On Point // Chanel

Another #makeupmonday means another makeup post. Today we talk Chanel, and their eyeliner.

Eyeliner used to be my holy grail. Out of everything in my makeup bag, it was the only thing I couldn’t go without, but times have changed and I’ve found that I actually haven’t worn eyeliner in such a long time! I know, for some people that seems a little crazy. If I was talking to a younger version of myself, she would think that this is crazy, but it’s true, I just haven’t been reaching for eyeliner much in the past few years. So, when I went to go pick up the eyeliner again for a particular look, I realised that basically all of my eyeliner was dried up, and the eyeliner pencils I had, just weren’t in good quality anymore. I knew that this meant that I had to go buy some sort of eyeliner, and I wasn’t sure what would work the best. Each type of eyeliner has its own redeemable qualities but sometimes that can be a little bit overwhelming, and sometimes you just don’t want to buy so many eyeliners for so many different things, I just wanted one to do everything. Eventually I had to decide, so after a few demos at the David Jones store in Perth, I had picked up a Chanel Eyeliner. I had been shown many different ones from Chanel and what they could do, and I eventually went with the felt tip eyeliner.

DSC_0431 (2) copy

I needed an eyeliner that could do the job of both a pencil eyeliner and a liquid liner. And the felt tip quality is my absolute favourite thing. With the easy hold on a pencil, the precision of a sharp tip and the colour of liquid liner it was a great combination that’d work well for me. I love ‘felt tip’ liners, I just find them so much easier than other ones, especially when going for a cat eye look.

With this pen I can also create that smokey eye, smudged look. I know that pencils are far better at perfecting the ‘smokey eye’ look, but this pen can do the same. After applying the eyeliner, an eyeshadow brush needs to be used quickly before it dries. If it does dry and won’t smudge the way you want, just add the tiniest bit of water, not too much, you don’t want to create an overdone mess! This pen also can work with the tight-liner, look as it has such a pointed tip that you can create a thin line if you need to. This precision is amazing, and it’s such a good thing to have, some days you don’t need too much.

It also has a very deep black colour. I hate those eyeliners that don’t really come out as dark as you would like it too. Black is a complete essential to me, and having this come out as pigmented as it does is amazing.

The downfalls I have with this particular eyeliner is that, if you’re not careful, you won’t be able to fix your mess easily. If you have a slight fault in your eyeliner, it’ll be noticeable, and it’s hard to fix without removing all of your eyeliner. It is also so pigmented that if you were to remove your eyeliner, it’d make the worst mess. You won’t look like a hot mess, you’ll just look like a mess. Also, if you don’t use primer or don’t use some sort of powder to set it a little, it’ll smudge a little more than you’d like, especially on the bottom lash line. Usually I use some black eyeshadow and lightly press it onto the areas of eyeliner if I’m going to be out all day/night in order to make sure it stays in place.

DSC_0425 (2) copy

This eyeliner has a few downsides to it but it’s still a pretty great eyeliner. If you have a steady hand then this will be perfect for everything. It can do the job of many different types of eyeliner with a large amount of pigment which enhances the colour, just be a little bit careful when using it. I do know that the other eyeliners from Chanel don’t come out like this, they don’t have that deep black colour, but depending on what you’re looking for, they aren’t really a problem, and eyeliners from other brands such as MAC seem to work decently. For me this checks off various things on my list, it’s got a deep colour, it’s a mix of liquid liner and pencil eyeliner, you can smudge it, you can be precise and it’s somewhat easy to use. Even though I know I need to be more cautious with this eyeliner, I feel that it was worth it.