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DSC_0008When I was given the opportunity to go to the Rochessa launch party, I didn’t think I would be in as much awe as I was. Held at FORM (Art Gallery), the Rochessa label was loud and proud, which is totally justifiable looking at the launch party. Balloons remained in various corners with the brand label upon them, shoes from the current collection and next collection were displayed lovingly, with small booklets / leaflets accompanying the display stands. There were even rows of shoes for people to try on and purchase, which was mighty tempting. And the catering service for the event, man, don’t get me started, I could’ve stood there all night eating the delicious trays of food, and cupcakes. If you ever wanted to know how to create a successful launch party, look no further than here, because it was pretty spot on.


A/W Collection.

Created by Rachel McRae, Rochessa prides itself on providing ‘style & quality’ which I would have to say, is pretty spot on (I mean, those ‘Roll On Platforms’ are to die for). The few shoes I tried on seemed to have a sleek fit on my feet that felt rather elegant, but for a friend of mine with feet somewhat bigger than mine, couldn’t quite find her size (but perhaps that’s because of the range they had on display at the launch). Starting with the winter collection which is now available to purchase at, there is a beauty within the colour and designs of these shoes, which is something that I would definitely purchase myself. We all know that if I didn’t buy four pairs of shoes that week, I would’ve probably bought four pairs from Rochessa, though I am a self-proclaimed shoe-a-holic.

We sipped on champagne and white wine, playing with the Instagram frame that had been provided for us, before attempting to juggle glasses, booklets, and a camera to get the right shot. The place was packed before the end of the night, making it harder for people to squeeze in and out as more people continued to buy shoes. Boxes and bags with the title ‘Rochessa’ sprayed across it kept leaving the gallery, as I continued stealing little cupcakes with the label’s name across it. I find myself on the website yet again, scrolling down the shoes available for purchase, but just wait for the next collection to come out, because oh mama those are some good lookin’ shoes. Luckily you guys get a bit of a sneak peek here.

What a successful night, not only for Rachel and her brand Rochessa but also for those who walked away with a steal.

Those shoes are going to be in my dreams tonight.


S/S Collection.

Shot on Nikon D3200 + 20mm.


DSC_0162 editedweb


I swear that my TV show references on this site will never be as out of control as they are in real life.

But onwards with that leather jacket, I call home and squiggly markings on these pictures.

DSC_0148 editedweb

I’ve honestly forgotten everything that I wanted to write about for today’s post. I think I’ve had so many things going on that those ideas left my head. Which reminds me to bring a notepad with me everywhere now, this incident will hopefully remain as one incident. Preparing for university has been a bit of a whirlwind, especially with the various projects I’ve taken up in my spare time. Honestly, if it wasn’t for all those seasons of Gossip Girl, where Blair was fretting over University, I wouldn’t know how to apply to uni, or what a major and minor is. I think that’s something various high schools need to take into consideration.

Meanwhile, I’ve been donning the white tee and leather jacket, everywhere I go. I know it’s summer, and next week we’ll be experiencing that 40-degree heat, but for a short while, I was thankful for that 20-degree week, that let me feel at home in my jacket and jeans. Not to mention an abundance of boots. Especially when you’re running from one place to another. I’ve already travelled my entire university campus in an outfit almost identically to this one, and I probably will again.

DSC_0137 editedwebWith repeats of the TV show Skins playing via Netflix, I’ve finally gotten things organised. With projects to work on and emails to write, I’m genuinely pleased with the business, that I don’t know what I’d do in my down time. Maybe, go for a swim? Anyway, here’s a list of the things that have been apart of my staple kit these last few days, which will probably need an update by next week, considering the continual weather change:

DSC_0143 edited

  • Air dried hair that’s absolutely a mess, but kind of works with some prepping spray. Like you just went for a surf, but it’s really just because you can’t be bothered doing much else (it’s okay because this has been a style for ages). Also short hair helps.
  • A variety of white shirt.
  • Boots that are comfortable, yet intimidating.
  • A leather jacket that’s maybe a size or two bigger than yourself, so it truly feels like home, as well as being able to fit a hundred layers underneath. The most comfortable jeans in the world, that you can actually run and jump in them.
  • Sunglasses, as always, to protect your eyes from the brightness that you can't turn down.
  • A neck tie, or ribbon choker of some kind (which I’m recently void of, due to concerts where I’d prefer to keep my neck ties and ribbon chokers)
  • And, if possible, a friend who likes to play with cameras, so you look uber cool in your casual get up.

I heard lists were cool, okay.

Now, back to uni prep, photoshop wizardry and wishing that it was currently sweater weather.

Edited by Tiffany Kennedy.

Zara Leather Jacket - Sass & Bide Shirt - Guess Jeans - Windsor Smith Boots

Photographed by Ocean Trimboli.