Dark Wonderland

Let’s talk Maticevski.

"Renowned Australian fashion designer Toni Maticveski has achieved international acclaim for his dexterous ability to morph, adapt and defy the boundaries of fashion."

- Bendigo Art Gallery


Seeing these pieces, strangely, is like seeing a work of art. I hear it all the time, fashion is art and art can be fashion, yet it’s not so obvious until you see works such as Maticveski’s. Adapting and defying the boundaries of fashion, Maticevski’s obsession with detail is so noticeable through his Dark Wonderland exhibition. Filled with pieces from his personal archive, these garments tend to sculpt a beautiful shape that’s not just ethereal but godly.

mdsc_0212When I headed down to Bendigo, which was (what I assumed to be) a two hour (or three hour) drive from the airport, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I assumed that it’d be much like Bunbury in Western Australia, and then I remembered that I hadn’t been to Bunbury in over 6 years, so I couldn’t really compare the two. Bendigo itself was like a little city in many ways, with everything close together, just walking distance from each other, with various tattoo parlours and Grill’d just around the corner, but none of that really caught my attention, apart from the Bendigo Art Gallery. As soon as I checked into the apartment I would be staying in for the next few days, there was already a flyer there showing Maticevski’s work for his Dark Wonderland exhibition. I knew that if I had one moment of spare time, I would be heading that way, I almost cried when I stepped into the building (I have no idea why everything was just overwhelming and so pretty).

mdsc_0235Every single piece felt as though it had something to say, not just about its own design, but about the person who decides to wear it. It was quite incredible to see such gowns, like a true wonderland, we all wondered about the designs themselves, and the stories that surround each and every one. Every detail seemed perfect which is insane, because where can that perfection possibly come from, yet they all were. Knowing that I did have a university assignment coming up that I had to push to get done (it was due the moment I landed), and seeing these designs, followed my exact train of thought when it came to this project. Gods, and Goddesses. These designs were insane, they were made for creatures that don’t even belong on this earth, yet these creatures do exist, with the utmost confidence and godly features, whether that’s their looks or more importantly the way they act. I can’t believe something so precious fell into my lap. I photographed every piece and every piece was displayed perfectly for me to photograph. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an exhibition that has held so much detail and interest. I know I’m rambling, but I seriously could go on for days about Maticevski’s designs - I almost wore one of his items to my own Ball, which is probably why I’m so obsessed. I just honestly never thought I’d be able to explore a wonderland designed by Maticevski with dark twists and turns, yet there I was.


So, here’s to the Dark Wonderland and all of its fascinations.

Shot on a Nikon D3200.


When you're actually a lying boyfriend because you keep cheating on your blog and disappearing. Either way there's some new work as I try to figure out where I am in my life and what 'home' even means at this point.

case study - 4lowres

Okay, yes, I know, I keep apologising for just not posting enough, or at all, and all that kind of junk, and it’s becoming a real problem, isn’t it? I’m a little bit like that ex-boyfriend who you know cheats on you and then apologises saying that it’ll never happen again, and then it happens, yeah. I really need to sort that out.

Other than being the worst boyfriend ever, I seem to be creating this mess around myself, and that’s probably because that fact that I’m an adult is becoming increasingly more apparent, and as that happens, I seem to become more childish. Crazy how these things work. I mean, I have a tattoo which relates to Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, and obviously, I have tendencies to be childish because I don’t want to grow up, then I realise I’ve basically been an adult since I was 14, which is probably where that stems from. Sometimes I just sit here saying ‘I don’t even know’.

But during all of this time I’ve accumulated a mass amount of images from my photography projects and fashion items to share with you all, so I hope you’ll give me some sort of validation, I mean, just reaching people is amazing, right? Let’s not lie to ourselves, we like the likes and the comments, but in all honestly as long as people are viewing my work and my words, I’m pretty happy. This post is all over the place. Either way, if you guys remember at all, a short while ago I did this project for my university case study which I thought it would be worth sharing since it is one of my favourite projects I’ve done thus far. With inspiration from the lovely Solve Sundsbo, adding small elements of surrealism to a fashion orientated images creates a greater picture, which I’ve tried to achieve here. So while I have a quarter life crisis before the quarter of my life, maybe you should just take a look at this images and be excited by what is yet to come.

I can also see my co-worker taking a selfie out of the corner of my eye as I write this rambling nonsense.

case study - 1lowrescase study - 2lowrescase study - 5

Clothing: Dress from Forever New, Sleeveless Coat from Topshop

Shot on Nikon D3200