Breakfast at Tiffany's

This probably should've been a definite statement about pop culture, food and it's effect on people, but it just ended up being a few (somewhat) intriguing thoughts that just floated onto paper.

“Leave it to me: I'm always top banana in the shock department.” ― Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's

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I feel as though every post I create has the tone of me running around from one place to another in a maniac mess. Probably because that’s just how unorganised I am sometimes, well according to my mother at least. As new ventures begin, I continue to learn and strive within a variety of fields. There’s so much I’ve had to take into consideration recently that I hadn’t before, it’s something that happens as one continues in their field, with anything really. It’s the same with the English language at school, you’ve taken in a few rules about the language and then you have to consider more things as you progress from primary school to high school, it just kind of happens. Though the English language makes no sense anyway, and nowadays, it’s all about the slang and abbreviations.

Truman Capote created the image of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ which has progressed from novel to theatre, to film, to theatre again, and into the hearts of pop culture. When I was a little bit younger than I am now, I would occasionally go into the city with a friend, grab some breakfast and stand outside of Tiffany’s. My friend would say, ‘How funny is this? Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with Tiffany’. I think you can understand how many jokes and statements are made because of Audrey Hepburn phenomenon. But I think I prefer ‘Funny Face’.DSC_0012 copy

From breakfast through to dessert, food has become the easiest way to be able to enjoy another person’s culture, as well as bring people together. Within Asia, food is a way to invite people into your life, and to explore. I mean, it’s quite an adventure, exploring different types of food, how people cook them, how they taste (yes, I’m starting to sound like my mother). Instagram is always filled with 101 flatlays of food, restaurants, cafes, coffee and more. Even within social media food is another part of sharing, and exploring. It’s one of those things that is absolutely universal, your taste may vary from another’s, but everyone has their own taste, and it’s something that can be shared.

Through Couture Week and New York Fashion Week, the items that break up the various posts on Marc Jacobs, Burberry and more, is food. I often see the long hems of dresses, one popular model to another, the amazing shoes, designs that are beyond belief, all broken up on an Instagram feed with the occasional stop at a cafe to gain more energy or that green juice to keep one going. Okay, yes this isn’t the same as my Aunt’s house in Indonesia, with a whole heap of dishes for the family to share around a table, but it’s still similar in concept. Green Juices and Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are just part of a different type of culture (Western ‘Pop’ Culture - Something like that), but it’s still being shared right. Whether it’s family or Instagram, food is shared everywhere. It’s sad to think about those who don’t get to share food with family or the privilege to show off their food online, because to me, food is such a brilliant thing, it’s a brilliant adventure and a brilliant way to communicate without words. So maybe we should give a little more.

Now, back to the fashion circle and the flash of cameras.

Here's To The Holidays


Ah, 'tis the season, or, it was the season?

I went from eating the most delicious lunch on Christmas Day to eating questionable food on an airplane during Boxing Day, a change my stomach was not prepared for. I’m currently sitting on an airplane, in the window seat, trying to make room for my laptop, hard-drive, books, notepad, pens and more. Sometimes it seems a little ridiculous. I hope I’m not annoying any of the other passages either, but I am sticking within my little ‘cubical’.

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After opening presents on Christmas morning, which didn’t bring as much delight as when I was a lot younger, I was still happy with the presents that I got from my family, and the everything else that I got from my friends a week earlier. For me, I kind of prefer gift giving, though, like most people, I do kind of feel a little sad when I notice that another hasn’t put in as much effort into their gift for me, as I have for theirs. I seem to be an avid gift giver. I guess I’m a sentimental person, so everything I give someone has sentimental value, and some of them are just funny jokes that I share with a them. Such as this one time, I went to this place to eat with my friend and they had games there, such as connect four. He says ‘I’m such a pro at connect four, I win every time,’ boasting about his connect four achievements. Too bad that I beat him at every single game. So for Christmas, I got him a wooden connect four set, because the look on his face was priceless.


This is the time of year that comes with ups and downs, and it’s certainly the busiest. Christmas may have been a family day, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be arguments or awkward situations, but it’s family I suppose. It’s just nice having everyone there together. But now I’m on a plane that’s shaking slightly with the tiniest bit of turbulence, watching Bob’s Burgers on my laptop, as I edit footage, images and new posts, since this is basically the most down time I’ve had recently.

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I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and now I’ll have to find some wifi to upload this post.