The first post of the new year.

Fashion vs Fandom. Dilemmas.

A place to call home.


I could go on about how it’s a new year, how I’ve created my ‘New Years Resolutions’ and how I’m reflecting on the year that has passed, but there is no point in that. We’re halfway through the first month of a new year, and I could make the excuse of being awfully busy as I was during my last several posts, but that is not the case anymore. Sometimes you just feel like you’re in a slump, and I’ve had nothing to say, so I didn’t say anything. Actually, I’m not quite sure I have anything to say now unless you want to hear about how I’m still behind with the stereotypical ‘New Years Resolutions’ I thought I would come up with.


I realise that recently I’ve been continuously notifying every one of my absence and apologising for it, which makes each apology almost meaningless, as I become stuck in a rut once again and am unable to post. The thing is, I like to keep myself incredibly busy, and when I am at my busiest I do my best and most work. Sometimes that means I won’t do any blog posts, but on the other hand, I try to overtly makeup with it and create as many posts as possible. Then when I actually have a break, I forget that anything to do with the internet (other than Netflix) exists, which brings me back into a strange rut. This is although a small insignificant first world problem, one of the problems that exist while I attempt to maintain a blog.


On the other side of things, when it comes to having a blog, or a website, a youtube channel etc. I wonder what it is I should actually post about. I like posting and talking about the things I like, that’s my obvious conclusion, hence why I write about the things I like. For example, this site is mainly littered with fashion and photography because I enjoy those, but I also enjoy a well-versed variety of TV Shows, film, music and books which I don’t frequently post about here. This is something I hope to change in the coming year (to an extent), as this site is well, my site, so why not, right? This is also why the navigation on the site has been changed a little. I titled this site/blog ‘Tiffany & Couture’ and there’s a lot of ‘couture’ on here, but now I’m introducing the ‘Tiffany’ label so you guys can explore a little more about what I like. I always seem to be battling between fashion and fandoms. I adore so many fandoms and I tend to appear like a bit of a geek myself when it comes to certain areas (seriously, if you started to talk about something like Harry Potter, my brain is littered with the most ridiculous amount of useless facts). I notice that throughout the online community, we are always told to keep to a ‘niche’ we shouldn’t go outside of this niche or label because it’s too much for people to handle, and it’s too much of a mess to control. Well, I’ve decided that since I am a mess, my social sites might as well reflect that part of me because, none of us, are one-dimensional labels like we try to show the world. Everything is connected anyway, and I write about everything, in the same way, the same passion, and the same goes with items I photograph in order to display here. Everything will still be as connected as ever, you just get to see a little more of me. This way I’ll stop battling the ridiculous battle of fashion vs fandom and start focusing on more important things.


Another thing I wanted to note in this ramble of a post is that although I’ll complain and go off onto tangents, talking about my love of film or the art in fashion, there are such massive things going on in the world. I often think about my contribution. Is talking about fashion and photographing such things a good contribution to the world? What does that do? Does it do anything at all? If I sit in front of a camera talking about my favourite products of the month or books I’ve recently read, does that do anything? Would be time be better served creating poetry that discusses the events of today, but creating a political message online, by further aiding the protests in conversation in order for good to triumph over evil. Of course, I feel my time would be better spent if I did my part in aiding the world. I’m often stuck in a never ending existentialist thought bubble when it comes to the events of today, and how political we can get. Our voices are our most powerful weapons, especially in today’s society, so what am I using my voice for? I know that when it comes to my beliefs I won’t back down, never have. I’m open to what others have to say, but I also know what I stand for and why. I often speak out on social media platforms (specifically, twitter because that’s where all the fights happen) but should I bring that here, to this site. I seem to have come to the conclusion that if I feel the need to speak out about a particular subject here, I will. I’ll speak about what I want to speak about. I also know that these thoughts cannot consume me and that we do need a little bit of light in our world. And perhaps to me, that’s writing about the things I enjoy, because that brings me peace, and calm, and to you, it might be reading about these things. Reading about art, fashion, lifestyle, today’s trends, or even fanfiction. We all need an outlet right, and this site will continue to be a community that we can all share as an outlet. I’ve said before that I’ve wanted to do more than just the usual ‘top ten ways to wear this’ or ‘to do that’, but perhaps I was too harsh when I first suggested the topic and didn’t quite get my point across, as I keep feeling the need to revisit it. I know people enjoy that type of work, and I also know that people enjoy my type of work, as we all need a solace, somewhere in which we feel comforted and happy.

And perhaps that’s why when I’m in a rut I don’t visit my own site. Because I don’t want my negativity invading the place where I find solace.


Images from Instagram // @thetkennedy