Colosoul Flashmob

DSC_0727blogIf you were to see bright blinding flashes from cameras and people dressed in black hurrying across the street in order to get the perfect snapshot of some gorgeous girls, you would probably think that you somehow ended up in the midst of New York as models parade the streets in off duty clothing, and paparazzi try to get the perfect shot for whatever magazine they work for. You wouldn’t think that this would occur in a city that is practically looked at as a country town, right? At least that’s how I would think.


A massive live photoshoot held in Perth City, with models running from one place to the next and the whole crew from Colosoul Group Inc. behind them. Photographers, videographers, writers, designers, stylists, managers, there was a variety of people from the group participating in the day, as people stopped, stared and inquired about the event taking place. The Live photo shoot was set up throughout the Murray Street Mall, branching into Forrest Chase, and towards the end moving towards the London Courts and Perth Town Hall, in order to get people interested enough to ask what we were doing. The answer was, “conducting a photo shoot for Colosoul magazine, would you like to find out more?”

Under this initiative is a variety of departments, magazines, initiatives, and collectives, holding a large number of youths to create something big within the Perth industry. I and a variety of my friends (including a blogger or two, such as my good friend Neil Tiongson) volunteer here, in order to not only gain experience in our perspective fields but to find out more about the industry and what the industry is actually like here in Perth.


DSC_0363blogAs the models twist and turned, and we yelled at which way they should face and which camera to look at, over the music that was blasting loud enough for people to turn around, we created an environment that was not only as fun as a random flash mob you see in the middle of the city centre, but an environment that made us all push ourselves in the way we learn.

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