Daughters of Destiny

24 / 05 /2016

Okay, so yes we all know that (yet again) I’ve taken a hiatus without informing anyone, and (yet again) I’m apologising for that. Now that that’s just been dealt with, let's talk about one event that occurred last month, that I didn’t even get a chance to spill about because University caught up with me. I really need to start planning these things out again.


An evening of ‘glamour’ held in the Art Gallery of Western Australia, is probably not what I thought happened in an art gallery after dark. You know how you watch those TV shows or movies, where there are people in a gallery or museum after dark, and it’s usually pretty boring, just security guards lurking about (excluding Night at The Museum, that was, well, we know what that was). There was a sparkle in the gallery, as glasses were poured, the food was served, and a carpet was rolled out for models to make a grand entrance down the staircase, in honour of Daughters of Destiny Homestead for Women and Girls in Crisis. This event was held in order for those attending to start a conversation, to raise awareness towards this cause, and of course, to raise funds for the cause itself.


There were a few familiar faces backstage that I had seen before; a few models that I had met, some that I’d seen in small photoshoots, and a few others I knew from here or there. As the models rushed through hair and makeup before they were called through to put on their first outfits of the night, the makeup artists and hairdressers worked wonderfully - it was blissful in a way. So many people in one room preparing for the big night ahead, fashion shows always take up a lot of time, and a lot of work. I still wonder how they were able to pull it off, and with the art gallery as the perfect backdrop, it was definitely an interesting night.

With a variety of photographers there all pushing and wanting the same spot, flashes that startled the unaware audience, and lights situated in a few different areas, I wondered how I, a small kid who’s still somewhat new to the game, would be able to compete and fit into the crowd. Maybe it was just a blogger thing. The other photographers there were ready with all of their gear to capture every single shot, it’s their profession, and has been for a long time, but perhaps that’s what intimidated me. A blogger, who yes also has the profession of a photographer, but I’ve barely even started my degree towards that, or had enough experience to compare. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked, the important thing here is the cause behind this fashion show.


1DSC_0161With a variety of clothing labels such as Raimonds, Wild Violet, Labels on Loan, and Bridal Affair supporting Daughters of Destiny, it was nice to see a community band together. I do realise that in Perth there are a lot of these events that go towards causes such as this, and the brands Crystal Shoe Couture and Hair by Vintage Hairess also aided the event. With the amount of people there and the way in which everyone connected with each other, I’m sure this event and its cause reached more people - as this blog post does the same. By the end of the night, when the models came out to talk to the crowd, everyone was buzzing, creating the perfect atmosphere to end on.


Check out the cause here: Daughters of Destiny