Ah, Miss Waldorf.

Strange close ups, fake grass and a collection of words for another over due blog post. Catch up as I tell you the things I've been obsessed with recently, and just complain, yet again, because I'm just anxious for that break that's coming up. I don't do myself any justice. It's probably because I keep trying to be Blair Waldorf.

DSC_0063Who knew that the little child I was, that desperately wanted to grow up, would get to a stage where she just wanted time to slow down or stop. Actually I think every adult who ever spoke to me said something like that at one stage, but still. If Blair Waldorf can go to university full time, have an amazing job/internship at a magazine, and go to bedazzling advice, then I just assumed I could do the same. But alas I am not a fictional character from a TV show, and we all know that Blair ended up spiralling. I’m not too sure if this whole thing makes me dizzy, anxious, or just incredibly excited and nervous, maybe I’m feeling all of it, either way, I desperately need a break from the whirlwind of ‘stuff’ that has made it my way.

I desperately need to visit the Head Studio for another hair cut, but instead I’ve been buried in books, notes, photographs and all kinds of electronics. I didn’t even get a chance to debut my fringe three months ago, before the ‘fringe’ become an ‘it’ thing once again. I feel like I’m forever behind, which is something that has not improved since high school.


DSC_0062So here are some things that I’ve been obsessed with, as I continue to wallow in the mess that I’ve left for myself.

  1. Almond toed boots - not pointed, not round, but the perfect space in between
  2. Wearing as many layers as humanly possible
  3. Louis Vuitton's S/S collection
  4. Long fringes
  5. Rewatching GG - hence the Waldorf references 
  6. Calvin Klein's bralette sports bra things because they're just everything
  7. Capes
  8. and of course, Game of ThronesDSC_0048DSC_0018121DSC_0067

Shot on Nikon D3200 + 20mm lens

Photographed by Ocean Trimboli

Taken for Lepak Media (Social Media)