What A Ball

We have (finally) landed at the Colosoul Charity Ball of 2016. An event filled with basically everything you'd ever need in an event like this. Now I'll eat some chocolate while going through the pictures I took of the beautiful models at this event. And those clothes just proves what Perth is really made of.


DSC_0387CB Four weeks into university, holding my own as a photographer and jumping from event to event, I barely even noticed that it’s the Easter weekend. Other than the continuous search for Easter Eggs in the house because chocolate eggs just taste better than actual chocolate, I probably wouldn’t have left the corner of this house that is my bedroom, (excluding the obvious classes and events).

From photo shoots to fashion shows, Colosoul’s Charity Ball was the event of last weekend. Guests were ushered into a corner booth to have their images snapped, before retrieving auction numbers to bid on various items later in the evening, like the wonderful Dior dress that Nicole Kidman wore from the Spring 2009 collection. With lovely food, drinks and gracious company, a fashion show seemed to be what kick-started the night. Skylark The Label, ReWorked Man Woman, Villager Couture, Keeper by Bird on a Wire, Shalih, and Machere Couture were the labels we saw on the runway this evening, with brilliant models who worked the fabric. A large congratulation should also go to the team that put this all together. The time it takes to prepare such a show is nothing compared to the limited amount of time they have to show everything they’ve worked for.


DSC_0413CBDSC_0338CBThe art of the night was brilliant, the models showing off each piece down the runway as the audience placed bids on each piece of work. Various art pieces had already been purchased before the show, at the gallery that was put on display. And finally, Nicole Kidman’s dress worn by Olivia Patmore worth over 27,000 had people placing bets. A dress that is just as stunning as you would hope it would be.

The event was fantastic and a night to remember. Being able to photograph the event was definitely a highlight, though editing is a whole other story. As I reminisce on the moment, not knowing what I can see about that event other than the sure facts, I’ll be spending my long weekend watching The Office (US) and working on assignments (I know, I’m lame). As much as I want to be able to do everything that I possibly can, I know at times I should maybe slow down a little. Maybe if I did, then I wouldn’t have forgotten my external hard drive at uni with no hope of getting it back. Or I would’ve finished all of my assignments by name. Okay, I probably wouldn’t have, but I can pretend, right?

Here’s to the chocolate-fuelled mess that needs a long weekend to recover. Happy Easter.DSC_0647CB

Models courtesy of Lamods

Shot on Nikon D3200 + 35 – 70mm lens

All images will be available here.