Peace and Love

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I think that at this point we've established that my discussions become rambles, I believe in an organised mess, and that the photography that appears on this blog, has to be top notch (and / or forever improving).

Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to find a balance between everything. There will forever be ups and downs, which may also include some head spins. I know that things are changing, constantly, I’m changing, the world’s changing, you’re changing, the photos I take, the quality that I’m now producing is forever changing. Sometimes this is for the best, sometimes, not so much, but it depend on what you make of it. At times, I look back at what I was originally producing, and I often say ‘wow, why the heck did I do that?’ and I question the things that I once created because I’ve improved and changed since then. I know that we all probably shouldn’t compare ourselves to someone else, whether that’s in our work, in our lives or even in our bodies. I would look at other photographers, and bloggers, and think that their work is amazing. I want to achieve what they can achieve, and go beyond that, but sometimes I forget that I haven’t been working this industry as long as they have. Sure, I’ve been a part of it for a substantial amount of time, but was I really contributing anything, or anything worth contributing? I’ve found that I would constantly go through someone’s work to see what their first creation is (and most people do take down their first blog posts or images), and compare them to my work. I feel as though something such as that gives me a sense of comfort, thinking that my work in a similar time frame is comparable. Although I believe that I shouldn’t be comparing my work to someone else’s, as there is obviously different contexts, skills, etc. but it just seems to be a part of my nature, as well as a lot of other people’s.

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Recently we’ve seen debacles between celebrities, reaching a number of topics, but when don’t we see this? It’s just that these things don’t often reach a high enough audience to cause a world wide debate. Yes, I’m talking about Kim Kardashian. I know that if we continue to talk about her, she’ll continue to rise, like anyone who is being talked about, but this is more about the discussion she has brought about. During International Woman’s day, we didn’t find peace and love for women or equality, we found women taking down other women on the internet. This isn’t the way things should be. I have a hundred and one things to say about the situation, but I’m just going to raise the idea of women supporting women, instead of everyone tearing each other down because that’s what society has raised us to do (something like that).

Where the peace at? Where’s the love?

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However, these images taken for Foxfeet featuring the lovely Alanah Yukich embodies the peace and love associated with the 70’s more so than real life will depict today. Almost as if we’re taking more steps backwards, than going forward. The world’s a mess, we know that, and sometimes we choose to ignore it. I could write about the beautiful sunny day that dawned upon us on the Monday morning of this shoot, and the fluid way Alanah worked for the camera, before I rushed away onto the train for a lecture that afternoon, but as much as that beauty should be described, there are other things going on as well that need to be mentioned. This shoot was an amazing thing to be apart of, and the team was amazing. I was quite anxious about this shoot, as I usually pick my team closely, but with my new job, there was obviously going to be new people.

The mess that is this post doesn’t begin to match the mess that I’m trying to organise through, but that’s okay because there is peace within the madness. I just hope that that can be embodied in real life, just as the team for this shoot embodied the idea of peace and love.

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#Foxfeet Team

Stylists: Sophie Park and Kate Ripley

Photography by Tiffany Kennedy

Model: Alanah Yukich

Shot on Nikon D3200 + 35 - 70mm lens