Nonchalant looks and bustling backgrounds. These are a few of my favourite things, well favourite things that constitute a photo shoot. Feat. Alex RimmerDSC_0185-Edit

Amongst the brilliant mess that is university acceptances, job interviews, work opportunities, timetable mayhem and photoshop battles, my relationship with my camera continued to create beauty for the screen. But it also helps when the subject of your shoot knows what she’s doing, and is a beauty within herself.

The city of Perth is not as big of a city as say, New York, which is totally fine. It brings wide open spaces that feel more at ease than cities that are fast paced. The humble buildings we call skyscrapers feel so much bigger than you would imagine from the suburbs, and it’s hard to think what it would be like to live in an area with so many of them (I suppose that seems silly to people who live in big cities). Though, models themselves seem to be almost like skyscrapers. Tall women (and men), who tower over a fair amount of people, monuments of beauty and poise, who know how to stand, with perfect structure. But like a building, it all comes from good foundations that ground their stance. It takes years for models to ‘make it big’ or perfect their art, like with any other profession.DSC_0400-EditOn a day that had been forecast for a storm, one suitcase, and three outfits were carried about the city in the early morning. From street sides to cafe corners, with the occasional stop in fast food restaurants to use their toilets as a changing room (very chic), Alex pulls off this effortless cool throughout. The (currently) sixteen-year-old, heading into her final year of high school, is up for whatever is thrown at her, knowing that school isn’t always the be all, and end all. She’s just there for the ride, whatever happens, and wherever life takes her, which is probably why she can pull off that effortless cool.

Alex Rimmer makes a photoshoot easy and effortless, as I drag her around from one place to another, exploring the city to find the perfect place to shoot. She would run half way through the crosswalk and then back to the other side so I could try and get a better shot, or spin in the middle of the street while people passed by wondering who this person was. From the usual floral shoots that most models who live in suburbia usually complete, we went into the midst of the cityscape which I think, brought out the best in Alex. It seemed like a vibe that just caught to her, you know, that cool, easy going, kind of a rocker chic, vibe. That’s a thing, right?

DSC_0275 copy-Edit

DSC_0257 copy-EditbandwFeminine dresses tied in with denim vests and heavy coats create a perfect juxtaposition that feels just right. Something that occurs more and more each day, as I juxtapose different elements of my own life. Natural lighting highlights the features that Alex already possess while creating a different dynamic, exploring the clothing held upon the structure of our model. Natural lighting and natural movement, creates ease for the camera’s eye, as Alex remains nonchalant, making it easier for everything to fall into place. Ultimately, we created a photoshoot that wouldn’t have worked any other way. The calm was perfect amongst the background riot.

Look One: Cue Clothing Dress, Zara Leather Jacket, Lovisa Rings, Marc Jacobs Chocker Ribbon

Look Two: Pilgrim Dress, Material World by Madonna Denim Vest, Kookai Jewellery,

Look Three: Review Dress, Thrifted Denim Vest, Sanro Camel Coat, Burberry Necktie

Special Thanks to Miranda Fox and Christina Gorevski

Model: Alex Rimmer

Photographed, Styled, Edited by Tiffany Kennedy

DSC_0531 copy-EditDSC_0239-Edit-EditblackandwDSC_0404 copy 2-EditDSC_0183-Edit-wide

Shot on a Nikon D3200 + 20mm Lens