Singaporean Style

Sometimes I forget the time of day, but something I never forget is style. Luckily, Singapore had plenty of that, though it might be a while for every tourist to embrace it and leave the Bintang tops from Bali behind.

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Okay, so life gets a little bit crazy sometimes. This can mean different things to different people at different times, of course, but for me, it means that I am swamped with so many things that there are no blank spaces left on my calendar. I know that when my Dad was growing up, he didn’t even have a calendar. At the age of 17, he’d dropped out of school, moved out and was doing whatever thing teens did back then (I’ll spare you the stories). My mother was trying to complete school and get work, wherever she could in the field she had already been studying, in order to better her own life in Indonesia. I always hear stories of ‘back in the day’ from a variety of people, comparing today's kids to kids back then, which usually ends in some sort of complaint, but my parents aren’t the type to do that. They’re so pleased with their teenage kids, who have something planned for almost every day of the week, three months in advance (or something ridiculous) because we actually ‘kind of’ have a plan. I say ‘kind of’ due to the fact that this changes a fair bit, but whatever it is we always find ways to pursue it. We are very busy people.

So no questions are asked when I decided to go on a holiday instead of ‘schoolies’. As fun as ‘schoolies’ would’ve been, I’ve got a busy schedule and that type of fun and partying would not allow me to have a level head. Especially when some evenings I’d be editing this or that, even during my holiday. However, it wasn’t on the tightest schedule in the world.

I quite miss the predictable weather of Singapore and the scenery that came with it. The only thing I could really take home with me (other than pretty snaps, and well-shot videos), was the fashion/style that Singapore holds. Adopting the style that Singapore’s fashion companies seem to follow is something that I can keep with me as it is quite different to our own Western styling.


Bag clothing with different structural designs were often seen, showing interest in how the clothes can fold and move to draw attention, rather than creating interest purely by using print. The way that these clothes are sewn and designed are something that I’ll forever carry with me (not just because of the items I did buy). Singapore’s style feels and seems more relaxed, like an effortless chic that’s more effortless than usually seen. Here, at home, the styles often seen, other than board shorts and flip flops, is skinny jeans, and perhaps a print shirt of some kind. Something along those lines in various forms. In Singapore, everything seemed to flow, and I suppose it does have something to do with staying comfortable in the humid weather, but it’s still pretty damn fabulous.

It’s easy to tell who lives in Singapore and who’s a tourist. Spot the out of place Bintang top, flip flops with the southern cross, or those who can’t seem to fight the humidity, compared to the free flowing stylings of the Singaporeans. Though it is a normalised sight in Bali, and unfair to compare to the stylings of Singapore, judgements are still made by a vast majority of people. Where we stayed, there were more tourists than Singaporeans, but you could spot the few, and the various native clothing stores showed more interest than chain stores that we’d see back home. Spotting the store In Good Company at ION Orchard made us go on a rampage for Singaporean brands, not to mention how much my mother and I bought in that store alone (we wouldn’t have been able to fit more in our suitcase, honestly).

With all of these things piling up for me this month, I just want to be back in Singapore, relaxing in the gardens and eating good food. I think this article is the closest I’m going to get for a while longer. I treasure the fashion that is shown in Singapore, and the city truly holds all of the iconic fashion brands, it’s a place that I want to call my second home (but I’m going to be serious, we’re not there yet). One can dream.

The 'Must-By' Shops of Singapore:

In Good Company,     Aijek,     Stolen,     Max.Tan,     +   Retailer: Nana & Bird

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PS. More work is coming! It's just been a bit of a slow progression on the blog, expect more soon. (Also, why do I always refrain from taking portrait images?)

Shot on a Nikon D3200 + 20mm Lens