Blue Neighbourhood

'My youth, my youth is yours, trippin' on skies, sippin' waterfalls.'

From Channel 7's Telethon, to Astor Theatre's stage, Troye Sivan has created a whirlwind in not only his home town, Perth, but the world.

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Isn’t it crazy? How someone who lives just a suburb away from you, is now an international sensation, with chart topping hits, and is consider one of the top influential teens in the world? Yeah, well that’s Troye Sivan. Usually concerts and celebrity pieces aren’t the subjects of my blog posts, but when seeing Troye Sivan up on this stage working it, compared to the three years ago when he got up on stage for a friend to help take a photo of the crowd, looking awkward and unsure of himself, I just want to say ‘my baby’s all grown up!’ But that might be a little too far.

DSC_0295 copy copy-Edit2The actor/singer/youtuber ‘slash’ anything else you can think of, has, as the saying goes, ‘taken the world by storm’. His fanbase has been growing for a long time, and continues to grow. From skits and songs on youtube, to releasing an EP then an album, it goes on. Blue Neighbourhood contains a lot of songs, that have shaken everyone with its contents. We all know that life isn’t just about love, though that is a big part of life, but there are other aspects to it too, and if a teen could sing about such variety from a tender age, then it makes me wonder about the rest of the industry. Though it does seem as though teens are paving a much different path than the one set before them (however that is almost always the case), and hopefully it is a path that leads to better things, no matter how much adults want to say that all we care about is social media. I mean, social media aided Troye Sivan into becoming a global sensation, as everyone will care to note.

His first concert of this tour in Australia was his home town. He previously canceled due to being ill but quickly rebounded and found a time where he could perform. The day was filled with anxiousness as people had rocked up early, the day before, in order to line up for the event, prompting more people to arrive early the day of the concert in order to get a good view. Through the line ups, I feel that groups became bigger as more and more people bonded, as it seems more like a community that just supports the same person, rather than a fanbase (give or take a few radical fangirls, and their mothers). His younger brother Tyde Levi, who is apparently going to be DJ-ing at Coachella, was the opening act for the night. His mother and father were seen at the back of theatre, watching two of their sons being able to perform together on the night, creating a family affair, with many of the friends and other family members amongst them.

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Tyde’s set went on for roughly an hour, I note that a lot of people didn’t pay as much attention as I felt they should of, out of respect at least, but it did get a lot of people’s energy levels up, after waiting for a long period of time. Quickly after a 15 minute break to take away Tyde’s DJ set up, and put in Troye’s mic, we were immersed in blue, as Troye started his set. It’s surprising how many people found out about Troye through other youtubers who live on the other side of the country. I know one of my own friends didn’t know who he was until he did a video with a youtuber who was then known as BriBry, and I was the same, as I only came across him when watching one of Bertie Gilbert’s old videos which has now been privated. However, we’d all seen him or a glimpse at a telethon event or in the paper for some reason or another, but I suppose we didn’t pay as much attention then.

DSC_0457 copy copy-Edit2 Everyone sang in harmony as we all followed along with Troye’s words. Even though this wasn’t a festival, or a metal concert where sometimes it can get a bit rough, there were a lot of people who were pushing hard to get to the front, so I am quite surprised that I got images that were surprisingly clear. Through the sweat, noise and pushing, the atmosphere was brilliant. Troye’s stage presence was beyond what I (and many others) expected. While a lot of things were said, the quotes that’ll remain from the crowd are, ‘I keep forgetting that he’s gay,’ and ‘he looks like a hot wiggle. Kind of like a white version of Jeff from the wiggles.’

DSC_0328 copy copy-EditThere is so much that I could talk about, considering how much bias I actually have on the whole thing because he is a kid from my own home town, who I’ve been watching on youtube, making silly videos for four years at least (if I can do maths correctly). There were sweet parts like when everyone came together during Suburbia, a song about home, which is technically a home we all belong to. Each person help up a sign with a glow stick, courtesy of Cara Tierney, and it was just a lovely gesture, that even now, listening to that song, it just gives us all a larger feeling of being connected, forever embedding this memory into all of us. Every time a song that was played comes on, I feel a little teary now, because of what it all means. I think everyone who has seen this tour live, feels even more connected to this Blue Neighbourhood.

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PS. I can’t believe I wrote this much on what I kept telling myself, would be a ‘minor post’

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