24 Hours in Singapore

Okay, maybe a little bit more than 24 hours.

Could've been a How To: Singapore post but, I've never been before, and a how to didn't seem to cut it. Especially considering how I got lost on Orchard Road, but I think that getting lost is part of the experience (and I'm totally not saying that to not seem like an idiot right now).

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4pm: Check into the Orchard Hotel. Located at the beginning of Orchard Road, this is the perfect place to stay because it’s shopping central. Here we have ION Orchard and the Paragon within walking distance, both home to a large amount of shops. (It’s also a 10 minute drive to Marina Bay, and a 5 minute drive to the Botanic Gardens).
4:30pm: We grab something to eat from the Orchard Hotel noodle bar, and that just gave us all the stamina that we needed. Definitely worth trying out. I love my chilli and having easy access to all kinds of chilli there, just works for me.



5pm: Explore Orchard Road. And then get lost ten minutes later within ’T Galleria’ because I saw makeup and decided to explore all the levels of this place. Which included buying a little more than intended due to the sales at Marc by Marc Jacobs on the the second or maybe third floor.
6pm: After finally exiting the store that I wasn’t exactly looking for, I continue on down the road. I see ION Orchard on the other side, which is blocked off by gates, which we cannot cross.




6:30pm: I find myself in the middle of the Paragon, where there is a massive macaroon tower from Laudree. Still wondering whether or not those macaroons were real, but they looked delicious all the same. Getting lost is kind of fun. Well, in Singapore it’s kind of fun, every corner has a Tiffany & Co I swear. (Every corner also has a Starbucks store, which doesn’t exist in Perth, really.)

7pm: Once we've spent a little while exploring areas within the Paragon such as 'Club 21' which is home to DKNY and other brands, it's time to try and find a way across to ION Orchard again. I have no idea why it's blocked off by gates, that's something I'll have to google later. But at least every store has such great air-conditioning which keeps me going for a bit longer

8pm: Search the stores at ION Orchard (after finally finding a crossing path to get across to it), noting the big Sephora store that lurks inside, along with all of the designer fashion. Also since it's Christmas, take a photo in front (and inside of) the Swarovski Christmas Tree.

8:30pm: I realise how tired I am already from walking around, and try to find my way back to the hotel. Finally finding a crossing way that would take me around and back to the other side of Orchard road, faster.

9pm: Matcha green tea frappes at Starbucks before having a nice cool shower, and relaxing at the Orchard Hotel while watching movies.

10am: Rainbow cake and coffee at Marina Bay, while wondering why the shoppes weren't open yet. The site said 10am okay, but the barista said 12pm. So that was confusing, but once heading down to the lowest level, I noticed that the shops down there were open, so perhaps each level opened at different times.
12pm: The exploration of the Shoppes at Marina Bay continues, as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent have opened their doors. Louis Vuitton is a special kind of place here in Singapore, as it's lower level actually holds a Louis Vuitton art gallery, showing pieces that were created decades ago, along with their monogram service.




1pm: I take on more shops, the mall practically endless, before having a look at the river stream in the middle of the stores. With gondolas rowing down the middle, it was a trip I desperately wanted to be on, just chilling in the water, but the line was almost as big as the ride itself. Next time, I'll have to arrive earlier to catch that ride.
3pm: After a moment back at the hotel to relax, and eat more at the noodle bar, I've recouped and headed off to the Gardens by the bay. A flawless display of nature, within two domes and more. The flower dome and the cloud dome being the main displays for tourists.


4pm: The exploration of the flower dome was first, with various types of plants from Australia, Singapore and other places around the world. This dome was rather beautiful, obviously, with little Christmas decorations which were still up while I was there. So many people took so many selfies, but apparently (according to the Louis Vuitton travel guides) the use of technology at any time isn't considered rude here, answering at the table, or sending off an email while at dinner, is just part of the fast pace living of Singapore. Something that I'd get yelled at, while at home.

5:30pm: The dark leaves of purple and green were of much interest to all those who entered the cloud dome. The first site that we all laid our eyes upon was the waterfall coming from a large mountain of green. A mountain where we would soon be standing at the top.

6pm: As we headed to the entrance of the mountain and it's pathway across the top of the mountain, I noticed the old trunks which had been planted onto walls. Perhaps recycled, into that art of faces, dragons, and koi which was very intriguing to all who noticed. But it was easy to just walk by and not notice, as these pieces were so harmonious with the plants around them.

7pm: At the top of the mountain, it's ridiculously scary to walk down, but we went down each level of the mountain, finding new things, being able to almost touch the waterfall from the other side and noting the crystals that were placed within the mountain.

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Images taken at Gardens by the Bay, Shoppes at Marina Bay, Orchard Hotel, The Botanic Gardens and ION Orchard.

Shot on a Nikon D3200 + 18-55mm lens. Edited by Tiffany Kennedy.