Social Butterflies & The Internet

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What’s the song again? It’s like ‘let me take a selfie?’ Yeah don’t let that define your use of social media.


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In this day and age social media is very important. For a very wide range of jobs social media can define whether you get the job you want or don’t. If your profile picture on Facebook is you doing something that not a lot of people would like to see in their industry, then chances are they probably won’t hire you, because today it’s all about image. The same goes for me. As someone who’s a ‘creative director’ (this is the only way I can sum it up fast), my social profile is very very important. Having different social medias and keeping current helps me in getting job opportunities and reaching a larger audience, considering that without an audience, I don’t exactly have much. So being connected to the internet at all times is something that just, kind of has to happen, and I’m very aware of it. Posting photos on Instagram, or creating a post on twitter, is all something that I’m aware of, and the times that I have to do it. I don’t want to post too much on Instagram too fast, and I want to make sure I have something for each day. And the same goes for twitter or Facebook. Sure it’s all connected, but each media platform has to have it’s own personal touches to show why someone should follow me on the platform. In today’s society, this is quite an important thing, even if we don’t want it to. People spend a lot of time on social media, so all types of industries have learnt to enable that, and to use it to their own advantage, since we’re all apparently ‘selfishly vain human beings.’

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I honestly think that this new form of connecting with each other is great. If I post a selfie, so what? It doesn’t mean that I’m so obsessed with myself. When I post a selfie, it’s usually because I’m feeling good about myself, and I don’t post them all the time. But obviously anything that’s ‘new’ comes with a stigma, and there will always be people that fight against it, but at some point I think everyone needs to embrace this form of communication because people are using it. Sure, it’s annoying when all you see is the same person’s face a hundred times down your feed, and sometimes it gives me a headache, but if that person wants to post their face twenty times a day, so be it, it’s not what I’m up for, and I don’t necessarily have to deal with that if I don’t want to. Social media is such a strange topic, and I know I’m going off into various tangents about the subject but I guess the internet is like that too.

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I love that social media is such a great tool, but at the same time I’m so conscious of it. I don’t want to be on my phone or computer every second of the day (though majority of the things I do involves this). Honestly, I sometimes have to have a lie down because of how long I’ve been staring at the screen for, but at the same time I’m very interested in the world that is coming about due to social media. There are so many pros and cons that I can ramble about all day, but I guess it’s all about moderation. I don’t know how any of you guys feel when it comes to social media, but sometimes I need a break from staring at a screen from too long. At least when I hop onto a plane to head to Singapore, I can relax a little instead of answering emails every hour. Though being an a plane for five hours will involve watching films and probably editing a lot of stuff on my laptop, so I suppose I’m not going to have a technology break. This new age of social media, technology, and internet tools, is something that we do have to embrace if we haven’t already. I know that sometimes people don’t understand it so they get angry and say we’re better off without but, we’ve been given an easier form of communication to reach more people and this continues to enhance. As a kid from Perth, Australia who likes to take pictures and write stuff, there would be barely anyone reading about my thoughts if it wasn’t for social media. This is also the same with youtubers such as Troye Sivan, another kid from Perth who has now made it big, creating amazing albums, and more. Without social media, such as Facebook or youtube, this wouldn’t have happened. Social media is a crazy whirlwind, but we need to start talking more about how it can help us. But remember, an overuse of social media, can also be harmful to a brand or even your head.

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