Get Lost. Get Found. 

Sometimes you have to become completely lost because it's the only way you can be found, whether it's finding out who you are or the direction you need to go in. Seeing Paper Towns yesterday at the advanced screening by student edge, brought up a lot of different ideas that I needed to be thinking about. Paper Towns is based on the John Green novel by the same name. Its main character is a young slightly awkward boy in his final year of school longing for the heart of the girl next door. She is a girl who loves mystery and adventure, which leads to her becoming a mystery. Quentin is played by Nat Wolff who brings the character to life on the screen as Cara Delevingne does for the mystery girl Margo Roth Spiegelman. These two created the perfect duo and as Margo goes missing on another adventures Q feels that it is his quest to find her. During this story of friendship, love, angst and endings, some people get lost in the madness, while others realise that they are only just finding themselves. Some get lost, some are finally 'found' and this is explored throughout this missing person's adventure. I've personally had my own adventures, as well as misadventures, and I think I'm finally beginning to find what I've been looking for. Watching this film and seeing this kids graduate, as well as their journey, is just so close to my friends as well as me. We're the graduating class of 2015, we're about to go off on our own journeys, and we have to decide wheat we want. Are we going to wait till we're thirty, with kids and have a career to finally be happy? Or are we going to try and be happy now and everyday onwards. This has created a lot of different roads in my mind and what u personally want to do. There's so much I want to do and finding a specific direction to guide myself has been difficult, but I feel like I'm starting to find my own direction. I've changed the name of my blog from 'The Couture Remix' to 'Tiffany & Couture' due to the direction that this blog is going to go with. The Couture Remix came from the idea of mixing fashion with other elements such as travel, to create a blog where I could express myself. Now my original idea of having different segments and a team has changed. I've realised that I'm the one who sits here everyday working on this blog. I sit here thinking of new things and I'm always updating this blog. It's my own creation, so I felt that maybe a little credit was due. It also makes a better blog title and sounds more sophisticated which is the direction I want to go in. I'm yet to completely find myself or the direction I'm going in but like the characters in Paper Towns, I'm finding my way. Paper Towns comes out today in Australia and I personally enjoyed this film. I felt that it made a decent movie that everyone can enjoy with a little surprise for John Green fans. There are so many different things that are explored which are so relatable but I don't think I could talk about the subject and bring it justice. I relate completely to the film and I'm sure so many others will as well. Maybe you should guys might find your path soon, if you're feeling a little lost. image image image image Jumpsuit: Cue Coat: Unknown Scarf: Emporium Armani Rings: Kookai Boots: Windsorsmith