Perth Fashion Festival 2019

September, 13, 2019

Yes, we are here, once again. Another year, another fashion show, of course. I always wonder each year what it’s going to be like, if it’s going to be worth it, what are they going to show us that’s new and innovative? So here I bring to you the Designer Runway of the first night of fashion week here in Perth

I had no idea what designers were going to showcase on this runway. I feel a little sheepish not doing my homework this time but hey, I was pretty impressed when the first designer items to grace the runway was from Sass & Bide, which I feel we haven’t seen on a runway in Perth for a long time. That piqued my interest.

 And the beauty just kept coming. Though I have to admit that when One Fell Swoop x The Wildflower, started with their whole lights show, that was completely blinding. It looks like a whole heap of fun on camera, but I definitely couldn’t help tearing up because of the lights blinding me (though I guess the beauty of these designer outfits, also caused some sort of blinding). Morrison then followed with a showcase of lovely pieces, that reminded me of a beautiful picnic I was able to attend not too long ago. And we closed with Empire Rose, which I gawked at in awe, hoping that I could just have my whole life stylised by Empire Rose. 

Especially when the finale occurred and these five gorgeous, ethereal models stepped out, creating a sort of power rangers formation that felt incredibly empowering and beautiful.

All in all, an amazing set if I’m honest.

(If you don’t believe me, well, how can you not after seeing these lovely images?)

Taken on Nikon D3200

By Tiffany Kennedy.

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