thetkennedy aka Tifa

is an Indonesian-Australia artist who creates a large variety of work, from photography to illustration to videography, the vast majority of Tifa's work is created within the digital field. 

From a young age she had worked on a variety of different artistic paths that led to being the head of a photographic agency at 17, and hosting an exhibition at 18. 

Choosing to surround herself in art, she continues to evolve within the artistic field, using digital mediums as well as physical mediums in order to further her career path. Tifa holds a degree in Photography & Illustration, and Internet Communications, a double major that she achieved whilst working at various publications, and being a part of many different artistic events.

Tifa's written work has allowed her to further all of her pursuits, pushing her forward in the social media realm in order to showcase her passions.

Youtube & Twitch

Tifa's Youtube channel focuses on Otaku related videos, as well as lifestyle and gaming content. 

She has reached recent success with her video "Every Anime Song at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 ...So Far" with over 100k views.

Tifa is open to collaborations with brands and other content creators. 

She is also a variety streamer on Twitch streaming party/arcade games, Animal Crossing, horror games and Genshin Impact. She has earned a small following over on Twitch and consistently averages around 10 viewers in each stream. Tifa has also had the opportunity to promote brands such as Nuheara on her Twitch channel.

Photography & Videography

Publication work includes; Ramona Magazine (former Tigress), Colosoul, Vashti, Madman, Ham Hub, Whim Magazine, Social Pages, Cocktail Revolution and more.

Brand work includes; The Courthouse Collection, Yala Jewellery, Skinny Me Tea, Black Lace Designs, Samantha Sona, Velvety, Nobibi, QT Hotels, Livinglewd, The Volte, Rochessa, Birambi and more.

Illustration & Fine Art

Illustrations and art pieces have been created by commission for specific clients. With a variety of large canvas pieces being sold, at different exhibition events, from AGWA's exhibition of Year 12's, to RAW.

For the first time in almost five years Kennedy is now opening up her site to Fine Art consultations as well as Illustrative consultations.

The Written

A blog that started off about following creative pursuits and growing as a person, ended up becoming a site dedicated to the flowering photographic portfolio of Tiffany Kennedy, with a hint of her persona's tales.

Digital Marketing

Through this  written aspect, her digital marketing has also developed, alongside her degree in Internet Communications.

Through her own personal media presence she has worked with a large range of brands such as The Courthouse Collection, Yala Jewellery, Skinny Me Tea, For Butts Sake, Antipodes, Samantha Sona, Velvety, QT Hotels, Livinglewd, Sensations Gallery, Claremont Quarter and much more. This range of content creation crosses over with her commission based photography, of products and lifestyle content

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