January, 1, 2018

Photographic elements include an outfit I would actually probably wear to an office, which is still kind of more chilled out than originally expected, so maybe I’ll wear it on a breezy type of day, along with these kick-ass boots I got in Japan.

I felt like the fashion self-portraits needed to come back to my blog soon, oh wait, we need to talk about that…

Will this post start off with me apologising, yet again, for the lack of posts on my site? Well, it almost started off that way but it’s kind of getting repetitive, isn’t it? Even though I tried incredibly hard to not feel guilty about not posting every day or not keeping a schedule the same way other bloggers or writers might, I still caved into it. When really that was never the point of this site, to begin with.

The point of my site, which I started when I was a teenager (perhaps I was sixteen), was to show people what I could do. To broaden my photographic skills or to work on the writing skills I wanted to develop, and above all that, was to give myself a creative space, a creative outlook. Luckily for me, I tried to use all of this to my advantage, because, well, why not? I used my site to showcase my work, as I heard some others had done before, and it’s lead to some brilliant opportunities through the several years that I hosted tiffanyandcouture.com. But obviously things change, the majority of the time for the better, and so I bring you Tiffany 2.0. (I feel as though that sounds cheesy…)

2.0 includes the combination of portfolio and blog as all my thoughts are continuously chasing each other in one crazy place, I thought you guys should experience that too. Though tiffanykennedy.net does tidy things up a bit, and it’s definitely tidier than what’s in my head, that’s for sure. So welcome to my brain space, where I’ll continue to spout nonsensical words about this and that and something about The Last Jedi. All while displaying images that have nothing to do with what I’m talking about (joking). 

So this is it.

I’ll spout some words when the next big thing comes along. No more guilt over not posting every two seconds. If it’s something worth reading, I’ll write it. Even with the narcissistic undertones because I basically just talk about me, but I swear I see some cool things that I will obviously tell every person and their grandma about. Like, did you know I went to Japan? And that it was awesome? And that it’s literally everywhere on my social media feed? (@thetkennedy). 

Wow, I like to babble. Anyway.

Welcome to 2.0.

Shot on Nikon D3200

At Wanneroo Pines. 

(kind of)

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